A coffee machine to achieve a sense of bookstore atmosphere.


With the rise of new bookstores like Sisyphus and Yanjiya, many traditional bookstores are shifting to "Book + X", anchoring their target consumers to "people who don't read" through richer products and a relaxed and lazy atmosphere. The coffee machine has become the "magic tool" to create a sense of atmosphere in the major "Book + X" bookstores.

Nowadays, most consumers like to hit the Netflix stores, the picture is to take good pictures, full of petty moods. The bookstore itself has a strong literary flavor, plus a variety of colorful creations and fragrant coffee, dark yellow light a hit, the sense of atmosphere directly pull full. The quiet reading atmosphere meets the needs of consumers who like to read, while the faint scent of coffee flowing in the air and retro window displays attract consumers to stop by, enough to catch the eyes of non-reading enthusiasts and young consumers. In the "Book + X" bookstore, consumers can enjoy both the abundance and joy of reading and the delicious coffee, which is the "Book + X" bookstore business is still booming in the background of the increasing recession of the bookstore business. The "wealth code".

So, what kind of coffee machine can meet the daily needs of this kind of bookstore? Dr. Coffee automatic coffee machine is a good choice. Most cafes use semi-automatic coffee machines, but semi-automatic coffee machines operate at a higher threshold, so cafes choose to recruit professional baristas. But for the bookstore, the coffee business is not the main business, and there is no need to recruit a professional barista. Dr. Coffee automatic coffee machine operation is simple, the taste of the product is stable, anyone can use the automatic coffee machine to make a cup of excellent taste of coffee, plus the production of no noise, especially for the quiet, peaceful atmosphere of the bookstore.