A small coffee machine to enhance the happiness of life.


Coffee is a drink that is becoming increasingly popular in China, thanks to its unique mellow taste and fast and effective refreshing function, and even black coffee can accelerate metabolism to achieve the effect of weight loss, so more and more people like to drink coffee. In such an environment, coffee machines are gradually coming into the public eye, a fully automatic coffee machine with a variety of features, high-definition electronic screen display a variety of operational steps to make their own modulation of a cup of coffee has become a simple matter, a sense of accomplishment full of.

For busy office workers in the city, a cup of coffee with a strong aroma can refresh the brain and let the body get a moment of relaxation, so for an enterprise, have a pantry equipped with a fully automatic coffee machine is undoubtedly to allow employees to work more satisfaction and sense of surprise. It invariably increases the intimacy between the employees and the company and the employees' sense of belonging to the company.

It is no exaggeration to say that the coffee machine has become one of the criteria for testing the welfare of an enterprise's employees is in place, a coffee machine placed in the company's pantry can allow customers to feel the spirit and culture of the enterprise when they visit, but also allows customers to get a cup of coffee drinks at close range quickly and completely inferior to the quality of the cafe, greatly increasing the customer's goodwill and impression of the enterprise.

Nowadays, there are many coffee brands on the market, of which the reputation and quality of the brand that has to be Dr. Qia, as a domestic coffee machine brand, Dr. Qia manufactured a world-class brand of coffee machines, only in 2021 reached the number of overseas shipments of 45,000 units, can be said to be recognized by the world.