Analysis of automatic, semi-automatic, capsule coffee machine differences and common use scenarios.


Nowadays, more and more consumers have fallen in love with the taste of coffee, and the market for coffee machines has opened up. Coffee machines have been widely used in homes, offices, hotels, tea stores, convenience stores and other scenarios. However, many consumers are actually not clear about the difference between various types of coffee machines, so they will feel particularly troubled when buying a coffee machine. This article will analyze the differences and use scenarios of three common types of coffee machines, such as automatic, semi-automatic and capsule coffee machines, in the hope that it will help you.

1, semi-automatic coffee machine

Semi-automatic coffee machines do not contain a bean grinding function, so you need another bean grinder, and the user needs to warm the cup, fill the powder, press the powder, froth, the coarseness of the powder, the strength of the pressed powder, the amount of powder, the angle and time of the steam nozzle froth will affect the taste of the coffee, professionals can use a semi-automatic coffee machine to make a unique coffee, but the average user is difficult to make a qualified cup of Coffee. This type of coffee machine is mostly used in coffee shops.

2, fully automatic coffee machine

Fully automatic coffee machines combine the coffee boiler and bean grinder in one body, the user only needs to choose the type of coffee and then press the button, from grinding to brewing extraction, fully automatic coffee machines will automatically complete, stable production, good taste, but also with automatic cleaning function, easy to use. This type of coffee machine can be applied to a variety of scenarios.

3, capsule coffee machine

Using a capsule coffee machine only requires you to put the coffee capsule into the capsule compartment of the coffee machine and click the button to extract the coffee. But the taste of the capsule coffee machine depends on the coffee capsules, and the capsule coffee machine is often very limited in the adaptation of the coffee capsules, for coffee lovers is a bit of a chicken feed.

Among the three common types of coffee machines, fully automatic coffee machines can be said to be the most adaptable coffee machine with different scenarios. Dr. Coffee is the leading fully automatic coffee machine brand, whether in commercial, office or home scenarios have a good performance, has become the preferred brand of many businesses.