Analysis of coffee machine segmentation under the consumer group level composition.


With the improvement of living standards, coffee culture as a way of life and socialization into China, drinking coffee has gradually become a fashion, making coffee has also become part of the interest of coffee lovers, coffee machines gradually into thousands of households, the market is expanding year by year. This article will discuss the different categories of coffee machines and analyze the composition of the consumer groups.

At present, the mainstream coffee machine can be divided into semi-automatic coffee machines, automatic coffee machines, drip filter pots, capsule coffee machines and several other major categories. Among them, semi-automatic coffee machines are the "favorite" of coffee lovers and professional baristas, with a higher threshold of operation, requiring operators to have basic coffee machine skills, but the freedom to make coffee is also higher than other types of coffee machines, and therefore quite popular among coffee lovers. Fully automatic coffee machine targeting the high-end market, with the advantages of simple operation, comprehensive functions, strong cup capacity, also in the market has a firm foothold, the market share increased year by year, Dr. Coffee and other domestic automatic coffee machine in the domestic and international coffee machine market has a good performance, so that China's coffee machine into the international market. Capsule coffee machine, although the flavor selection is relatively single, but because of the lower price, simple operation, high cost performance, in the initial stage of the market by many ordinary consumers, the current sales volume is relatively stable, the price is a downward trend.

Data show that the consumption of instant coffee in the Chinese market is declining, while the consumption of freshly ground coffee is rising year by year, and the coffee machine is also out of the cafe, into the office building, tea store, and is gradually penetrating into the family. Dr. Coffee will grasp the opportunity of development and continuously improve its strength to promote the development of coffee machine industry.