Analysis of how to choose a coffee machine for the office.


In the past, if we talk about which company has configured a coffee machine in the pantry, then in the eyes of the public, this is a good employee benefit. Now, people have become accustomed to coffee machines, which is a manifestation of the popularity of coffee culture. For coffee machines, employees have also changed from the past "as long as there is good" to a higher demand for coffee taste, many companies will be in the office with the selection of coffee machines up and down some effort. In fact, as long as you choose the right brand, all problems will be solved.

Domestic products or foreign brands

In the past, due to differences in technology, "imported brands" in China is a symbol of "quality", many companies in order to "dignity" or "quality Many companies, for the sake of "prestige" or "quality", do not hesitate to increase the cost to buy foreign coffee machines. But with China's progress in technology, domestic products have risen, quality does not lose the big foreign brands, but the price is more attractive. Now there are already many companies in China choose to buy domestic coffee machines, in the quality assurance at the same time can also reduce costs.

Semi-automatic or fully automatic

Semi-automatic coffee machines and fully automatic coffee machines in the use of methods have very obvious differences, semi-automatic coffee machines almost every step of the operation requires human operation, invariably wasting a lot of time, the taste of coffee is not guaranteed. The fully automatic coffee machine does not require the user to bother, just click a button, you can complete a series of operations such as grinding beans, brewing, frothing, production, cleaning, more suitable for office scenarios.

Dr. Coffee office series coffee machine, with 9 gears grinding, touch screen + button, 16g brewing system and fully automatic cleaning, to provide corporate employees with smooth taste, fragrant and mellow freshly ground coffee, so that everyone is transformed into a "professional barista", is a competent "pantry good helper ".