Analysis of the modern trend of intelligent and innovative design of coffee machines.


In recent years, the progress of technology has not only driven the development of Internet enterprises, but also driven the innovation of electrical technology, providing a broader range of ideas for the creation and design of small home appliances. As the coffee market has grown increasingly mature, the coffee machine market has gradually opened up to fierce competition, and many manufacturers have launched intelligent coffee machines based on the competitive level, rather than based on the consumer's perspective, resulting in a slow process of coffee machine intelligence.

The core function of a coffee machine is actually very simple, which is to extract coffee. The quality of the coffee liquid is affected by the coffee beans, humidity, water temperature, pressure, particle size, non-professionals who use a semi-automatic coffee machine, it is difficult to ensure the taste of the coffee produced. The use of intelligent fully automatic coffee machine is completely free of such concerns, therefore, fully automatic coffee machine has become the first choice of many coffee lovers.

The innovative design of intelligent automatic coffee machines on the market today focuses on three main points, namely material innovation, shape innovation and technological innovation, such as the use of strong, stable and lightweight materials; highlighting the core function of the coffee machine "extraction coffee", strengthening the interactive experience of the coffee machine, and enhancing the coffee machine from the consumer's point of view The use of value from the perspective of consumers to achieve more intelligent operation.

As a well-known domestic coffee machine brand, Dr. Qia understands the needs of users and has a unique understanding of the research and development of automatic coffee machines, and the strong scientific and technological strength brings about differences in innovation, and the products produced by Dr. Qia pay more attention to consumers' needs and emotional needs, bringing consumers a unique coffee experience.

The original intention of innovation and design is for a better life, only innovation that serves life can be recognized by consumers, Dr. Qia will continue to think about innovation from the customer's point of view and bring better products and services.