As the coffee industry crosses borders, why are more and more people choosing to buy their own coffee machines?


Recently, the coffee circuit is particularly lively, the head of various industries have crossed the border to enter the coffee market, the coffee industry is slowly changing. And with the changes, there is also the coffee machine market. Data show that in recent years, the sales of coffee machines continue to rise, more and more young people choose to buy their own coffee machines, which is why?

As we all know, over the years, coffee in the minds of consumers has been gradually changed from "fashionable drinks" to "daily drinks", and has been dominated by foreign coffee brands, into a phase where quality is king, the industry competition is more intense than ever, innovative Products are coming out all the time. When "fashionable" is no longer the main demand of consumers, consumers will shift the pursuit of brand to the pursuit of cost-effective, the more cost-effective coffee brands, the more they can meet the needs of consumers.

The more cost effective the coffee brand, the more it can meet the needs of consumers. For consumers seeking cost effective, affordable coffee, what coffee brand can compare to making their own coffee? In the coffee shop to buy a cup of coffee, generally need 15 to 30 yuan ranging, and their own production of a cup of coffee, the cost of only a few dollars, who is more cost-effective at a glance. Therefore, although the coffee industry has crossed over into the wind, there are more and more new products, but there are still more and more consumers tend to buy their own coffee machine.

For consumers who want to buy their own coffee machine, Dr. Coffee is undoubtedly a good choice: you can set the drink parameters according to your own preferences and make unique and exclusive drinks; the production capacity is stable enough to meet the taste requirements of most people for coffee; most importantly, the perfect after-sales service can provide consumers with a more solid service guarantee.