Automatic coffee machine and capsule coffee machine who smells better?


Economic and social development has made people's life more and more fast-paced, less and less free time, "retaliatory stay up late" people increased, the day will feel more mental, yawning. So coffee has gradually become a necessity in people's lives from consumer goods, especially young people, the coffee culture is particularly sought after, coffee shops have long been open in first- and second-tier cities in the streets and alleys. But every day in the coffee shop to order a cup of coffee, the cumulative down or a considerable expense, far less cost-effective than the purchase of a home coffee machine. At present, the mainstream coffee machine is roughly divided into two kinds of automatic coffee machines and capsule coffee machines, how should I choose it?

1, capsule coffee machine

Capsule coffee machine small size, simple operation, easy to use, plus the price of the people, naturally become one of the most popular coffee machine.

Capsule coffee machine is not the use of coffee beans, but the use of manufacturers to make good coffee capsules, so the output is stable. However, although the advantages of capsule coffee machines are many, the disadvantages are also obvious. Capsule coffee machines can only use well-made coffee capsules, some brands of capsule coffee machines can even only match the specified capsule, and the cost of the capsule is often higher than the cost of coffee beans, which will increase the subsequent cost for consumers.

2, fully automatic coffee machine

Automatic coffee machines are generally divided into American automatic and Italian automatic, American automatic coffee machines are priced lower, but can only produce American; and Italian automatic coffee machines are priced higher, but can produce multiple flavors of coffee, suitable for consumers with a more adequate budget. When you buy a fully automatic coffee machine, you can enjoy the fresh taste of freshly ground coffee beans, and the subsequent cost is more affordable than capsule coffee machines.

Overall, fully automatic coffee machines and capsule coffee machines have their advantages and disadvantages, but the comprehensive advantages of fully automatic coffee machines are higher. Dr. Coffee fully automatic coffee machine is complete, a variety of products to meet the different needs of different consumers, to bring consumers a good coffee experience.