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Automatic coffee machine can also produce specialty coffee? Just tune these few parameters.


In recent years, with the popularity of coffee culture, people's demand for coffee taste and quality has also increased, and there has even been a debate about which is better, "automatic coffee machines or semi-automatic coffee machines". Some people suggest that fully automatic coffee machines are friendly to newcomers, even those who do not have any coffee knowledge and skills, can also use a fully automatic coffee machine to make a delicious cup of coffee; others say that making coffee with a semi-automatic coffee machine has a higher degree of freedom, according to their own preferences to make coffee with their own personal characteristics, which can not be done with a fully automatic coffee machine. However, is this really the case?

There are many factors that affect the taste of coffee, such as the coarseness of the powder, the strength of the powder press, the size of the water flow, the time and angle of the froth, and so on. In the past, semi-automatic coffee machines do have certain advantages in this regard, but now, technological advances, fully automatic coffee machines can also be adjusted by adjusting the parameters set to produce a unique cup of coffee.

Dr. Coffee automatic coffee machine has 9 grinding gears, users can adjust the coarseness of the coffee powder according to their needs; equipped with a high and low pressure compatible brewing system, users can choose high pressure extraction espresso, but also low pressure analog hand brewed coffee; cold milk beverage system, allowing users to freely choose the hot and cold milk froth; users can also adjust the amount of coffee, pre-brewing time and other parameters, to The user can also adjust the coffee volume, pre-brewing time and other parameters to produce a unique coffee to their liking, the degree of freedom is not less than that of a semi-automatic coffee machine.

In addition, automatic coffee machines also have the advantage of semi-automatic coffee machines can not be compared, that is, a key to produce, "coffee white" almost impossible to make good coffee with a semi-automatic coffee machine, but the automatic coffee machine can, so it can be seen, the development of automatic coffee machines have a bright future.