Automatic coffee machine development trend - easy to operate, professional extraction is the key.


In the past, when it comes to coffee, the first thing that comes to mind is instant coffee from a well-known brand like "Nescafe", but now, when it comes to coffee, people think of coffee chains like RuiXing and Starbucks. From "instant coffee" to "freshly ground coffee", it is enough to show that the coffee beverage market in China has been completely opened, and coffee sales are increasing. With this development, is the coffee machine industry.

In the past years, compared with foreign brands, domestic coffee machines were once at a disadvantage. In the inherent concept of Chinese consumers, coffee belongs to the "imported products", is sold into China by foreign drinks, so whether it is coffee beans or coffee machines, consumers always subconsciously choose foreign brands, that the quality of foreign brands will be more secure. However, in fact, the quality of domestic coffee beans is not worse than foreign, Yunnan's coffee beans have long won the praise of many coffee lovers, domestic coffee machines also rely on excellent quality and perfect after-sales service, occupy a place in the market, especially automatic coffee machines, the past few years is in vogue. However, the quality requirements of consumers for coffee machines continue to improve, especially the importance of the operation of the coffee machine and the quality of the product, only the brand of both coffee machines can be favored by consumers.

Since its inception, Dr. Qia has been focusing on the design and development of coffee machines, and is committed to providing consumers with coffee machines that are both tasty and convenient, and has designed a fully automatic coffee machine with "one key production" for domestic consumers, so that consumers can enjoy the fragrant and thick coffee at any time, adding a sense of ritual to life. In the future, Dr. Chai will continue to explore the coffee machine field and expand the coffee machine market with excellent service.