Automatic coffee machine market share is growing, why do they all prefer automatic coffee machines?


At present, the number of cups of coffee per capita in China has increased greatly compared to the past, and many consumers have developed the habit of drinking freshly ground coffee, with the passage of time and the development of the market, the penetration rate of coffee machines and the frequency of people drinking coffee will gradually increase. And in the current coffee machine market, automatic coffee machines are occupying more and more of the market share, why do people like automatic coffee machines?

The most important reason, of course, is that fully automatic coffee machines are convenient and fast enough. If you use a semi-automatic coffee machine to make a cappuccino, the user has to use a bean grinder to grind the coffee beans, and then carry out a series of actions such as pressing the powder, frothing, pulling, cleaning the coffee machine, etc. Not only do you need to have certain operating skills, but also consume more time. While using a fully automatic coffee machine to make cappuccino, no need to manually grind powder, no need to froth milk, just a button can be done, wait a few dozen seconds to enjoy a cup of quality coffee, why not?

So what are the reliable domestic brands of fully automatic coffee machines? In the field of automatic coffee machines, Dr. Qia has always had a fairly good reputation and strength. Dr. Qia commercial coffee machine is suitable for all kinds of scenarios pursuing high quality and efficiency, such as hotels, milk tea stores, cafes, offices, etc. The innovative grinding system and brewing system will bring users an extremely efficient and high-quality coffee experience.

Dr. Qia coffee machine has achieved quite proud results in 2021: more than 45,000 units shipped overseas and more than 15,000 units shipped in domestic market, which is recognized by customers from various countries and has quality and reputation guarantee. The domestic coffee market is developing rapidly, and choosing Dr. Qia is choosing quality.