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Automatic coffee machine, promote the spread of coffee culture.


Coffee culture in China is a foreign culture, although in recent years more and more accepted by the public, but currently there are still many consumers are not die-hard users of coffee as a beverage. In China, a large part of the consumers who buy coffee is only in a tasting position, and the daily coffee drinking crowd in the current proportion of all coffee consumers is not large. The emergence of automatic coffee machines can effectively break this status quo, cultivating more consumers' coffee habits and helping to further spread the coffee culture.

Compared to our daily purchases of beverages, milk tea, coffee, a drink in the time and money costs more, and with the emergence of fully automatic coffee machines in recent years, it has broken this status quo. In the past, consumers often need to buy a cup of pure coffee to go to the cafe to buy, and when the fully automatic coffee machine appeared, both commercial and home coffee machine in the intelligent system, anyone can quickly make a cup of coffee according to the functional tips.

In this case, whether it is an individual business or a large chain of enterprises, hotels, shopping areas equipped with coffee machines to enhance their own image and service, but also to a certain extent to promote the spread of coffee culture. In particular, there are many excellent domestic coffee machine brands on the market today, such as Dr. Qia. Dr. Qia has a world-class excellent quality, but the price of the machine is only half of the imported coffee machine, since the launch of the new product has recorded a bright sales results, the market and user recognition and love.

It is with the emergence of such excellent quality and reasonably priced domestic coffee machines, coffee culture has received a second boost to be better promoted, so that more people understand coffee in depth.