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Boosting coffee culture promotion, coffee machine market gradually expanding.


Recently China's well-known coffee brand and a coconut drink co-branded a coconut cloud latte, causing a market sensation, to do a day sold 660,000 cups of amazing results, which is proof that coffee as a drink and coffee culture is gradually accepted by the country, while the audience is also expanding. Especially in recent years with the popularity of coffee machine production technology and the increase in machine functions, but also so that more people can more convenient access to coffee, to further help promote the promotion of coffee culture.

Coffee is a drink that has not been popular around the world for a long time, but even more so in China, China has been drinking tea for thousands of years, when coffee first entered the Chinese market was not accepted by the people, but as coffee flavors become more and more diverse, as well as the process of making coffee is becoming more and more simple, the cost of coffee drinks further decline, to today, China has also emerged a number of excellent coffee machine brands, not only Let the past by the imported coffee machine to occupy most of the market situation was broken, but also let the price of coffee machines more and more people.

Nowadays, a domestic high-quality automatic coffee machine, the price is only about 1/3 of the imported coffee machine, but in a single product can be equal to the imported coffee machine, and even China's production of coffee machines by foreign brands recognized, exported overseas. To the more well-known domestic coffee machine brand Dr. Qia, for example, in 2021 Dr. Qia coffee machine exports overseas reached 45,000 units of shipments, which is several times the number of domestic. Enough to prove the excellent quality of the current domestic coffee machine.

Dr. Cai coffee machine is currently using the core technology of commercial coffee machines to home coffee machines, and will launch more convenient home coffee machines in the future to further boost the promotion of coffee culture.