Can an office coffee machine really improve employee happiness? Do companies really need to acquire a coffee machine?


The supply of free coffee has become one of the invisible employee benefits for many companies, and employees will also take whether the company has configured the office with a coffee machine as one of the important criteria for judging whether the company's benefits are complete and whether the facilities are complete. Companies provide free coffee, mainly to enhance the happiness of employees. So, can the office coffee machine really improve employee happiness? Next, let's find out together. 

First of all, to be sure, the office coffee machine does work great. Imagine, when you just finished a meeting, finished a brainstorming, is feeling dizzy, passing the pantry, brew a cup of coffee, a short break of a few minutes, smelling the strong aroma of coffee, will not feel refreshed? Or after lunch, is drowsy, but busy to catch up with the work progress, at this time, a steaming cup of coffee, will not help you dispel fatigue, improve efficiency? Although coffee is inconspicuous, it is an indispensable presence in the work of office workers.

Second, the office coffee machine can save money for employees. As mentioned above, coffee is already a "necessity" for workers, office coffee machines can provide free coffee for employees, without the need for employees to pay for their own bills, compared to the coffee shops are often 30 to 40 cups of coffee, or free coffee can make people more happy.

Finally, office coffee machines are mostly fully automatic coffee machines, easy to clean and convenient, do not require employees to spend too much time and effort to clean and maintain, is also a way to enhance the sense of well-being.

To sum up, the purchase of a coffee machine for the office has a hundred benefits and no harm. If you need to purchase a coffee machine, it is best to choose a well-known brand like Dr. Coffee to enjoy more service guarantees.