China's coffee consumption continues to rise, and there are unlimited opportunities for coffee machines for offices.


The development of coffee has gone through three waves, the first is the birth of instant coffee, the second is the development of chain coffee shops, and now there are many fans of fine coffee and hand brewed coffee on the market, no matter how the market changes, are illustrating the fact that China's coffee consumption is rising year by year, more and more young people will be coffee as a "necessity" of life "This has also opened up the market for office coffee machines.

Data from the 2018-2019 China Coffee Consumption Blue Book shows that the main buying population of coffee in first- and second-tier cities is the young group of post-85s and post-90s, of which 40% of consumers drink coffee as often as 3-6 cups per week. Coffee in cafes is generally priced between 16 and 35 yuan, which is within the acceptance range of coffee lovers, but for consumers who treat coffee as a daily necessity, such prices can also cause a certain economic burden. Therefore, many companies will buy a coffee machine for the office, as a corporate welfare to provide employees to use.

The data shows that among the various coffee machine categories, most companies will choose a fully automatic coffee machine as the office coffee machine. The reason why they are favored by corporate users is that fully automatic coffee machines are stable, efficient, easy to operate, and have a good continuous cup dispensing capability.

Among a number of coffee machine brands, Dr. Qia has an extremely bright achievement. 45,000+ units shipped overseas in 2021 and 15,000+ units shipped in the domestic market have made Dr. Qia trusted by many brands. At present, Dr. Qia has reached cooperation with a number of office buildings and 4S stores, and will make great efforts in the field of coffee machines for offices.