Choose the right coffee machine, the office with a coffee machine can not lose the coffee shop!


With the gradual growth of the domestic coffee market, people's choice of coffee has become more and more, coffee consumption boundaries have been further broken, in addition to go to the cafe to buy coffee, buy a coffee machine to make coffee has also become the choice of many companies, hotels, families. Especially for contemporary "workers", coffee is a day of work "power", drink a cup of coffee, work more energetic, so many companies will choose to equip their employees with coffee machines in the pantry, as long as you choose the right coffee machine, the office with a coffee machine can not lose the taste of the cafe!

At present, the coffee machine on the market is divided into three main categories, respectively, semi-automatic coffee machines, automatic coffee machines and capsule coffee machines, semi-automatic coffee machines are more complicated to operate, and need to wait longer; capsule coffee machines themselves are cheaper, but the cost of buying capsule coffee is not cheap, so the best office coffee machine or choose a fully automatic coffee machine, you can free the company's employees " Hands", after all, a key to coffee, but also to make different coffee flavors to meet the different needs of different employees.

Dr. Coffee's automatic coffee machine has a variety of functions such as espresso, American, latte, hot milk and other options, but also according to the needs of personal taste to adjust the degree of grinding coffee beans, so as to produce different concentrations of coffee, but also equipped with a high-definition intelligent display operating screen, adjustable drink parameters, a key to make coffee, can save staff time in the production of coffee, the cup is fast, and this coffee machine can also be Intelligent automatic cleaning, especially convenient.

In short, choose the right office with a coffee machine, can make employees have a sense of belonging, improve efficiency, increase the output of work, and even allow customers to come to the company to enjoy the coffee is not inferior to the coffee shop, how to look at it is a "multi-win" situation.