Choose the right coffee machine to enjoy a more high-end coffee experience.


In recent years, with the popularity of coffee culture, coffee consumption market still has a huge growth space, some data show that by 2023, China's per capita coffee consumption is expected to reach 10.8 cups, the market size will exceed 180 billion. In fact, the national pursuit of high quality coffee, although instant coffee is convenient, but can not bring the high-end coffee experience of freshly ground coffee, at the same time, the domestic coffee machine market ushered in a period of rapid growth, many "coffee players" into the game, is bound to compete in the coffee machine market one or two.

In the fiercely competitive coffee machine market, founded in Suzhou, China, the domestic brand Dr. Qia coffee machine broke the long-standing market pattern monopolized by foreign brands. Since its inception, Dr. Qia has always upheld the concept of "creating a good coffee experience for consumers to the maximum extent", focusing on the field of coffee machines, and calmly responding to the diversified coffee needs and application scenarios. Dr. Cai's products are mainly used in the chain business, hotel catering business, business office and household coffee machines.

In order to bring users a better coffee experience, Dr. Qia focuses on digitalization, and its coffee machines have been intelligently upgraded. Dr. Qia coffee machine adopts a large-inch full-color capacitive touch display, which can support one-touch production and Chinese and multi-language touch screen selection. For example, in the chain business mode, Dr. Chai coffee machine can realize remote control management, and through a key access to the headquarters coffee menu replacement system, it can realize the change of menu and production parameters of the whole chain system.

In the future, as more and more coffee machine brands "enter the game", Dr. Qia will always plow the high-end coffee machine market, combined with innovative technology to create more high-quality coffee machines, bringing a more high-end coffee experience to every coffee lover.