Coffee + clothing, lifestyle concept stores help coffee machines open new markets.


In the past, coffee machines are mostly found in coffee shops, but now, with the explosion of coffee culture, coffee machines have been integrated into more scenes, in addition to the common hotels, shopping malls, tea and beverage stores, coffee machines even appear in some clothing stores.

The current clothing industry is highly competitive, in addition to branded clothing in shopping malls, there are some independent designer brands and boutique clothing stores in order to enhance competitiveness, will continue to improve their own additional attributes to attract more consumers. Many brands will choose to make themselves into "online stores", and the most important thing about online stores is the "sense of atmosphere". In order to enhance the "sense of atmosphere", many clothing brands choose to package themselves as a "concept store" to experience the aesthetics of life, in the decoration and merchandise efforts, not only the store design high-end atmosphere, but also specifically set aside an area to create a lazy and comfortable atmosphere for consumers to rest. In such an area, there will often be a fully automatic coffee machine. In the strong aroma of coffee, the store's "atmosphere" becomes even stronger. The fashionable design of the clothes, with the rich aroma of coffee, the sense of sophistication and luxury is greatly enhanced, and the consumer experience is upgraded.

Clothing store coffee machine selection is also very delicate, the operation can not be too difficult, cleaning and maintenance can not be too complex, but also have a stylish appearance, in order to match the tone of the brand. Dr. Coffee automatic coffee machine, simple operation, grinding system is accurate and stable, a key fast cup, in order to protect the taste of coffee at the same time can also provide users with a quality operating experience, a rich selection of flavors can also meet the diversified needs of consumers on the taste of coffee.