Coffee culture explosion, automatic coffee machine convenient and fast into the mainstream.


In the economic era, the pace of life is extremely fast, for various reasons, coffee culture has set off a whirlwind in China, of which, Generation Z has become the main force of coffee consumption. In recent years, coffee consumption has been upgraded comprehensively, both the annual per capita consumption and the number of purchasers have been rapidly increasing, and there is no doubt that coffee has become the new darling of the market. The overall upgrade in coffee consumption has also had a positive impact on the coffee machine market - not only do young people like to drink coffee, they are also interested in making coffee and are willing to spend money on making coffee.

There are three types of coffee machines commonly found in the market today, namely semi-automatic coffee machines, automatic coffee machines and capsule coffee machines. Among them, semi-automatic coffee machines are mostly found in cafes, capsule coffee machines are on par with fully automatic coffee machines in the home scenario, while the business scenario is the world of fully automatic coffee machines. Office buildings, tea stores, western restaurants, hotels and other scenes are mostly used in fully automatic coffee machines.

For most people, in order to usually drink a cup of coffee, and specifically to enroll in a barista training course is obviously not very realistic, so semi-automatic coffee machines are excluded; capsule coffee machines, although convenient, but the taste of a single, can not provide users with sufficient taste options; and fully automatic coffee machines are not advantages of the first two, to play a market.

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