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Coffee industry gradually sinks, coffee machines usher in more business opportunities.


In recent years, the disposable income of Chinese residents has continued to increase, the consumption structure has been upgraded, and coffee consumption has been rising year by year. At present, China's coffee market has entered a small eh upgrade stage, and gradually changed from the dominance of foreign brands to a situation where foreign and domestic brands are competing against each other. The coffee track is becoming increasingly competitive, and the coffee machine market has ushered in a new round of growth in this regard.

In 2020, China's coffee market has exceeded 300 billion yuan, and still maintain the trend of expansion, the major brands of fancy, in order to fight for a larger market, the coffee industry gradually from the first and second-tier cities to the third and fourth-tier cities sink, coffee is no longer the exclusive use of residents of large cities. The sinking of the coffee market, so that the third and fourth tier residents also have a deeper understanding of coffee, resulting in a more diverse demand, there are more and more consumers interested in coffee, the habit of drinking coffee, in order to be able to drink coffee at any time, while reducing the cost of drinking coffee, people are willing to buy a coffee machine, placed in the kitchen, get up early or after lunch to drink a cup, good and boring.

At present, coffee machines in China's first and second-tier cities have basically completed the penetration, in the third and fourth-tier cities there is still a lot of space to be tapped. In the coffee machine market, domestic brands with the advantages of differentiated competition, high cost performance, perfect after-sales service, occupy a larger share of the market and win the recognition of consumers. However, with the popularity of coffee machines, consumers' requirements for coffee machines have gradually developed towards refinement, and coffee machine brands should find the right starting point, make further efforts in quality, value and cost performance, and enhance their core competitiveness in order to win the market.

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