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Coffee leads the new era of consumer culture, automatic coffee machine with the advantages of the market.


The rapid development of cities has led to an increase in the per capita consumption capacity of residents, and the coffee market has been expanding on this wind. At present, coffee has set off a boom in China, with the size of China's coffee industry increasing by 14.31% year-on-year in 2021, higher than the international average, with the most stable rise in the size of first- and second-tier cities. Clearly, coffee has become a new consumer culture, influencing the consumption habits of many young people and putting coffee machines on the shopping list of more and more people.

For consumers with stable purchasing power, what they value is no longer just the basic function of the product, but the cultural attributes and values behind it, such as the identity value and class value attached to the brand, etc. Young people like to drink coffee, and not just like the taste of coffee itself, more or want to use coffee to show their personality and taste, as well as a unique concept of life. Although there are more and more types of coffee and more and more flavors, but for the pursuit of individuality of young people, the appeal of making a cup of coffee by themselves is much greater than ordering a cup of coffee in a coffee shop, therefore, the sales of coffee machines are getting higher and higher.

In several common types of coffee machines, automatic coffee machines in the coffee market can be described as a big splash, sales are rising year by year, with the convenience, fast, easy to clean, stable production and other advantages in the home coffee machine market and capsule coffee machines on an equal footing. Dr. Coffee automatic coffee machine is sold at home and abroad, whether it is the home series, office series or commercial series have been recognized by the market, has successfully opened the young market, will bring more young consumers to meet the demand for quality coffee machines.