Coffee lovers look over! A text to understand how to choose a coffee machine!


Today, more and more coffee lovers prefer to make their own cup of coffee, after all, instant coffee is not a healthy choice, and take-out coffee is also a little less coffee mood. The premise of making coffee is the coffee machine, the purchase of a coffee machine is not a difficult task, read this article to know!

What is the most important thing about buying a coffee machine? Of course, the most important thing is the right coffee machine for you, which can be interpreted as "buy on demand", as far as the current market is concerned, there are mainly automatic coffee machines, semi-automatic coffee machines, drip coffee machines, etc. These three are the more popular types of coffee machines, in fact, whether it is for home or commercial use, automatic coffee machines are a comprehensive down to a better The choice. Because fully automatic coffee machines often do not require us to grind the beans themselves to extract, intelligent fully automatic coffee machines only require us to press a button, wait a few dozen seconds, you can get a cup of quality coffee.

When we determine to buy a fully automatic coffee machine, the next is to pick a brand, in fact, there are now many coffee machine brands, and with the continuous development of technology, there are many domestic coffee machine brands also do particularly well. In the field of commercial automatic coffee machines, Dr. Qia performance is stable, the market reputation and cost-effective is also quite high.

Dr. Qia coffee machine has an innovative brewing system, accurate and stable grinding system, efficient and convenient self-cleaning system, as well as high-tech intelligent Internet of Things system, and currently has 13 different types of coffee machine products, which can be refined and selected according to your coffee needs. It is worth mentioning that Dr. Chai coffee machines are recognized by customers in more than 60 countries including European customers, and in 2021, more than 15,000 units were shipped to the domestic market in China and more than 45,000 units were shipped overseas, which has a high market awareness and reputation and is trustworthy.