Coffee machine doorway, choose the right type not to step on the mine.


Coffee has entered the domestic market for many years and has achieved good market performance in recent years, more and more people are interested in coffee culture and are willing to spend money to purchase a coffee machine so that they can drink authentic freshly ground coffee at any time, and the coffee machine market has grown. And with the rise of the coffee machine industry, there are more and more coffee machines on the market, with prices ranging from a few hundred dollars to tens of thousands of dollars, leaving the layman in a difficult position to choose. Today to plate a plate of coffee machines similarities and differences.

There are three types of mainstream coffee machines on the market: semi-automatic coffee machines, automatic coffee machines, and capsule coffee machines.

Semi-automatic coffee machine: the machine structure is simple, easy to maintain, the coffee taste is mellow, but the user needs to manually fill the powder, press the powder, froth, the user's ability to have certain requirements. Suitable for professionals who are familiar with the coffee making process. Applicable scenario: coffee shop.

Fully automatic coffee machine: the machine structure is complex and requires professional maintenance, but the operation is simple and can complete the whole steps of coffee making such as grinding, extraction and milk frothing according to the set program, so even a novice who knows nothing about coffee can make freshly ground coffee comparable to a professional barista. Applicable scenarios: families, hotels, tea stores, convenience stores, office buildings, commercial centers, etc.

Capsule coffee machine: small footprint, simple structure, low price, without any operating skills. However, coffee capsules are sold at a higher price, and the cost of making a single cup of coffee is higher than that of semi-automatic and fully automatic coffee machines.

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