Coffee machine for novice coffee buyers.


Coffee is a magic drink, as long as you get used to the aroma and richness of coffee, it is difficult to leave it again. At the same time, for contemporary young people, coffee is also a symbol of style and quality of life. It has become a trend to purchase a coffee machine that suits your needs. So how to buy a coffee machine? We can analyze it from the following aspects.

1, the type of coffee you like

Espresso is the first type of coffee that most people come into contact with, latte, cappuccino and other coffee are made from espresso as a base with slight variations, so espresso is a good choice, and now common espresso machines are divided into capsules, semi-automatic and fully automatic coffee machines.

2、Pressure pumps

Vibratory pumps and rotary pumps are the most common pressure pumps. The pressure range of the vibration pump is usually between 15-20 bar, noisy, unstable pressure, but the cost is lower; rotary pump pressure is stable, less noise, but the cost is high, if the conditions allow, it is recommended to choose a rotary pump.

3, cleaning difficulty

Different coffee machines have different cleaning difficulties, semi-automatic coffee machines are required to clean the steam nozzle immediately after use, cleaning the powder bowl, really a bit of trouble, it is best to take this into account when buying a coffee machine.

4, capacity

Ordinary home use coffee machine, about 4 cups of coffee machine can already meet the demand. But if the office, tea store and other scenes using the coffee machine is best to choose a larger size.

In summary, if in addition to the coffee shop, business office scenes, hotel dining scenes and home scenes can choose a fully automatic coffee machine. Dr. Coffee automatic coffee machine can meet the demand for coffee making in various scenarios, allowing users to enjoy the quality of professionally produced coffee.