Coffee machine in the kitchen, let life more sense of ritual.


Nowadays, people's living standards are gradually improving, many consumers will add a small appliance in the kitchen - coffee machine. Over the years, many people drink coffee is no longer just to relieve boredom, but to "drink coffee" thing as a morning ritual, the morning light accompanied by the aroma of coffee into the heart, coffee down, to start a day full of vitality.

There are four main types of coffee machines, namely semi-automatic coffee machines, automatic coffee machines, capsule coffee machines and drip coffee machines. Each type of coffee machine has its own characteristics and flavors.

Semi-automatic coffee machines are more difficult to use and cumbersome to use, but also have a high degree of freedom. Users can choose the amount of coffee powder, the strength of the pressure powder and the time and angle of the froth according to their preferences, and use a cup of espresso as the base to make their favorite coffee.

Fully automatic coffee machines are easy to use, plug in the electricity, add water, put the coffee beans, and press the button to get a cup of freshly ground coffee, convenient and stable quality, loved by many novice coffee drinkers.

Drip coffee machines just set the water and coffee powder, press the switch, you can start extracting coffee, cost-effective, but a single flavor choice.

Capsule coffee machines are convenient and quick to make coffee, and there are a variety of capsule flavors to choose from, but it is still difficult to compete with freshly ground coffee in terms of flavor.

Dr. Coffee automatic coffee machine with faster coffee making speed, more diverse flavor options and more convenient and simple daily cleaning and maintenance from the four types of coffee machines stand out, has been the favor of many coffee lovers, so that consumers know that automatic coffee machines can also produce coffee that does not lose the coffee shop, so that more consumers to achieve the "coffee freedom ".