Coffee machine into thousands of households, coffee is popular among young people.


In the past, the model of coffee machine is mainly large, which led to for freshly ground coffee this drink most people can only go to the cafe and other places to enjoy, but with the development of the times, coffee culture is more and more popular among the public, especially among the contemporary young people. This convenient and quick taste rich effect of the drink has become the favorite of office workers. So coffee machines are gradually moving from the commercial sector into the home sector, small coffee machines are being developed by manufacturers and are being purchased by many coffee lovers to configure at home.

In the current market, coffee machine manufacturers and brands are numerous, imported products and domestic products have their own characteristics, as the coffee market is getting bigger and bigger, the coffee machine market is bound to usher in a new round of reshuffle. The current brand recognized by many consumers in the coffee machine market is a brand from Suzhou - Dr. Coffee.

The coffee machine produced by Dr. Qia now has a good reputation feedback both at home and abroad, and only in 2021 Dr. Qia has achieved 45,000 overseas shipments and 15,000 domestic shipments. These data simply and straightforwardly prove the quality of Dr. Qia's coffee machine. The reason why Dr. Qia can achieve the current achievement is inseparable from its strict quality control.

In the factory of Dr. Qia, product quality control is not only reflected in the strict requirements above the production line. In order to further manufacture better quality coffee machines, Dr. Qia has made great efforts in high-precision molds, striving to achieve better from materials, production and assembly. For Dr. Qia, if each link is improved by one small step, the whole process can be improved by one big step, which is the reason why Dr. Qia is so loved by customers and consumers.