Coffee machine market has a bright future, commercial scene first.


In recent years, coffee has penetrated into people's work and life as a cultural symbol. Whether in office buildings, commercial centers or restaurants, the strong aroma of coffee can be smelled, and several well-known coffee chains have opened up their markets in China. The development of the coffee market has also led to the growth of the coffee machine market, and although the overall base volume is still relatively low, the Chinese coffee machine market still has a lot of value to be tapped.

The young consumer group is a unique phenomenon in the Chinese coffee machine market. Young groups chase trends, love fashion, the acceptance of coffee is also much higher than the previous generation, capsule coffee machine can achieve greater development in recent years, is because of its compact size and relatively low price, lowering the acquisition threshold of young people, to meet the needs of consumers, to be able to enter millions of households. But the capsule coffee machine obviously can not take on a heavy role in the commercial scene, as an all-rounder, in the commercial scene, automatic coffee machine has more room for development.

At present, the domestic coffee machine market is developing steadily, and overall, the development speed of the commercial sector is slightly higher than the development speed of the domestic market. As the coffee culture heats up, consumers will see the figure of automatic coffee machines in more commercial scenes such as snack stores, breakfast stores and clothing stores in the future.

Dr. Coffee commercial series coffee machines are specially developed for commercial scenarios, which can meet the characteristics of automatic coffee machines in different commercial scenarios, ensure the efficiency, quality and convenience of cleaning of the coffee produced, so that consumers in hotels, tea stores, convenience stores and other places can enjoy high-quality mellow coffee, and establish a better image and reputation for the business.