Coffee machine market prospects are promising? Domestic brands market trends to the good.


But with the increasing standard of living, people's consumption preferences are constantly changing, and with the support of young consumers, coffee, cocoa and other beverages in the country also show a steady upward growth trend, while also allowing the sales of coffee machines to gradually increase, into countless Chinese families.

In 2020, the size of China's coffee consumption market has reached 100 billion original, which means that the coffee machine is no longer a niche appliance, the consumer group is expanding, and the market outlook is quite promising. China is densely populated, and the composition of the coffee consuming population is also quite rich, so the coffee machine market in China has a wide variety of coffee machine types and brands, and each category of coffee machines for different consumer groups.

Fully automatic coffee machines are mostly positioned in the middle and high-end market, winning with ease of operation; electric hand brewers and semi-automatic coffee machines are popular among coffee lovers, but compared to fully automatic coffee machines, the threshold for using semi-automatic coffee machines is also relatively high, except for coffee shops, the use scenario of semi-automatic coffee machines is less than that of fully automatic coffee machines.

Compared to the past domestic coffee machine market is firmly controlled by foreign brands, now the coffee machine market has undergone great changes, Dr. Coffee and other domestic coffee machine brands have emerged, with perfect service, quality products and reasonable prices began to seize the market, access to good market feedback.

At present, the domestic coffee machine market than before, there has been a significant growth, but to become the consumer "just need", it will take some time. Coffee machine companies should think from the perspective of demand, through the vertical industry chain, so that coffee into thousands of households, in order to really usher in the coffee machine market "leap".