Coffee machine market size increases year by year, home coffee machine or become mainstream.


The popularity of coffee culture and coffee machines are complementary, coffee culture has contributed to the promotion of coffee machines, while the sale of coffee machines is also expanding the audience of coffee in the reverse direction. In the past, the sales of coffee machines are still mainly focused on commercial, but with the increase in China's national income, as well as the growing popularity of coffee culture, more and more people like the taste of coffee this rich and refreshing drink, which also allows small coffee machines, home coffee machines have a huge consumer market.

Today's commercial coffee machines are mainly used in major chain hotels, chain restaurants, CBD shopping areas and other areas, but home coffee machines compared to commercial in the use of regional restrictions on much smaller, small and delicate coffee machines can even do the degree of carry-on, which also allows many coffee lovers to change the past coffee drinking channels. The cost of buying coffee from a cafe is much higher than buying a home coffee machine to make your own coffee, which is why the proportion of home coffee machine sales in the market has been rising year after year in recent years.

The more well-known coffee machine brands in the market today are expanding into the field of home coffee machines, such as Dr. Qia, which has excellent quality and the right price. In the past, Dr. Cai's coffee machine sales overseas accounted for a much larger proportion than domestic sales, but as Dr. Cai applied the core technology of commercial coffee machines to domestic coffee machines, the growth rate of domestic coffee machine sales has accelerated significantly, which undoubtedly proves that domestic domestic coffee machines still have a large blue ocean area, and the future fear of becoming the mainstream market for coffee machine sales.

It is believed that with the further popularization of domestic coffee culture, coffee lovers continue to increase, the demand gap for domestic small coffee machines will become larger and larger, the future of domestic coffee machines will have a broader space for development.