Coffee machine science: what qualities should a coffee machine for the office have?


How important is coffee for contemporary "workers"? It can be said to be a "spiritual source", if there is no coffee "life", it is difficult to insist on a day of high-intensity work, therefore, now more and more companies will be equipped with office coffee machines inside the pantry, and now many in the office with the Coffee machines are fully automatic coffee machines, such coffee machines produced by the taste of coffee is not inferior to the exquisite and expensive cafes, then, the office with the coffee machine should have what qualities?

1、Simple operation

Office coffee machines should first meet the "simple operation" feature, after all, the coffee machine to be placed in the office, if the operation process is complex, so it is not a waste of staff time? A key operation of the automatic coffee machine is the first choice, preferably equipped with an intelligent display of the operating process, so it is more convenient.

2, fast production, variety

In addition to simple operation, the best office coffee machines are fast and varied, which can meet the different needs of different employees.

3、Automatic cleaning

Cleaning a coffee machine is not an easy task, so be sure to choose a coffee machine with an automatic cleaning function.

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