Coffee machines for office use, opening new ways to improve corporate image.


For a company, when it has reached a certain scale, it needs to seek a longer-term development of the company. For example, the expansion of the scale, the establishment of corporate culture, corporate image enhancement, etc.. The corporate image of the enterprise is a business card for the public, the excellent degree of corporate image feel the outside world's view of the enterprise. Nowadays, enterprises equipped with a pantry for employees seems to become an alternative embodiment of the treatment of employees and corporate image. The pantry can start with a coffee machine for the office.

Enterprise pantry equipped with a coffee machine for the office, on the one hand, is to enhance the welfare of employees, on the one hand, also represents the overall image of the enterprise, on the other hand, can also greatly increase the efficiency of the staff. It can be said to be a triple win, so although the coffee machine is small, but its role is huge.

The choice of coffee machine in the office also represents the taste of the enterprise, a high quality and good reputation of the coffee machine brand is undoubtedly more reflective of the image of the enterprise than the unknown or even after-sales brand can not guarantee. In the current coffee machine market, the office coffee machine brand to be more well-known Dr. Qia, by the market test and recognition, is a deservedly excellent coffee machine manufacturer.

Dr. Coffee production office coffee machine, fully automatic mode of operation is simple and convenient, high-definition electronic screen can be real-time display of the coffee machine operating status and production steps, simple operation even if never contacted coffee production white can produce a delicious cup of coffee in a short time; secondly, the production time is short, the fastest in a minute to complete the production of a cup of coffee, will not delay the enterprise staff Efficiency; there is a rich selection of flavor modes mocha, latte, Americano, etc. can be easily made; with the automatic cleaning function, so that the office coffee machine can be used for a long time to maintain a clean and hygienic state.