Coffee machines for the office - intelligence is the key.


For today's office workers, coffee is like "oxygen", is to keep people awake "good medicine", especially in the work fatigue sleepy time, a cup of coffee, to improve efficiency, and as people's demand for coffee quality is getting higher and higher The ordinary instant coffee has been unable to meet the needs of the "work party", so a number of companies have introduced coffee machines, but how to choose a coffee machine for the office?

Office coffee machine first consider commercial automatic coffee machine, because the all-in-one automatic coffee machine to make coffee time is very fast, easy to use, however, due to the company staff, the coffee machine is "daily must use", so the choice of coffee machine or to be more rigorous, or to choose a quality brand of Coffee machine, in addition, the coffee machine "degree of intelligence" is also a key factor worth considering.

In fact, the innovation ability of domestic coffee machine brands has made a qualitative leap and development, so more and more domestic brands are not only recognized by the domestic market, but also exported overseas, and have a certain commercial influence in foreign markets. Dr. Qia coffee machine is an excellent domestic brand, its business scope has expanded to more than 60 countries and regions around the world, and is particularly popular in Germany, Thailand, South Korea and other regions. Of course, Dr. Qia coffee machine can be so popular, which has a lot to do with the intelligence of Dr. Qia coffee machine.

Based on innovative technology, the automatic coffee machine manufactured by Dr. Qia has been equipped with innovative brewing system, accurate and stable grinding system, efficient and convenient self-cleaning system, and high-tech intelligent Internet of Things system, which has won many domestic and international certifications and holds more than 100 patents, and has cooperated extensively with high-end office buildings in many cities, first-line Internet companies and 4S stores of new energy vehicles in the business office field. Extensive cooperation with high-end office buildings in many cities, first-tier Internet companies, new energy car 4S stores, such as the thing, TSLA, etc., has become the first choice of many offices with coffee machines.