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Coffee machines for the office make drinking coffee easier.


For office workers, a cup of coffee in the morning, can wake up the vitality, so that people faster into the state, to start a day full of vitality. In the past, in first-tier cities, you can often see a cup of coffee in the hands of the city ladies in a hurry, walking into the office building where the company is located. In movies and TV dramas, coffee is always linked to "quality" and "style", becoming the existence of the longing of small town youth. But now, coffee shops have been everywhere, drinking coffee has become a habit of life, with the popularity of office coffee machines, coffee gradually return to the essence of demand, white-collar workers no longer need to get up early to go to the coffee shop queue, spend 20 to 30 yuan to buy a cup of coffee.

For a long time, foreign coffee chain brands occupy the lion's share of the Chinese coffee market, the number of domestic freshly ground coffee shops reached 50,000, in a chain of brands to buy a cup of freshly ground coffee, became the "new fashion" sought after by young people in the city. But for workers, buy a cup of freshly ground coffee in the cafe every day, a month down or a considerable expense, many companies have insight into the needs of employees, office coffee machines for employee benefits to strengthen the emotional connection between employees and the company.

For enterprises, there are many factors to consider when buying an office coffee machine: the type of coffee machine, price, continuous cup capacity, the ease of cleaning ...... A comprehensive view, fully automatic coffee machines are obviously more favored by enterprises. Dr. Qia automatic coffee machine, providing a rich variety of coffee for employees to choose, automatic cleaning function to save time and effort, a strong continuous cup capacity has also been recognized by the partners, with Dr. Qia coffee machine, so that drinking coffee becomes easier.