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Coffee market continues to expand, coffee machines have become a consumer demand.


"Go to buy a cup of coffee to renew life ah!" Ms. Chen in an Internet company in Shanghai, every day after the afternoon to call colleagues together to go to the coffee shop near the company to order a cup of coffee "life" to get rid of the afternoon fatigue. In first- and second-tier cities, there are many people like Ms. Chen who have the habit of drinking coffee. In China, drinking coffee is becoming a part of people's lives. The coffee market is also growing and expanding, and in 2021, China's coffee bean imports were as high as 122,800 tons, and coffee machine sales have grown significantly, with coffee consumption showing a trend of just demand and daily use, and the market for coffee machines opening up.

From the consumption of geographical point of view, Beijing, Hangzhou, Shanghai, Guangzhou's coffee sales are far ahead, in which both coffee sales and the proportion of coffee consumers, Shanghai is the absolute "C position". Data show that young consumers have now gradually developed the habit of drinking coffee, some are because of work pressure, need coffee to refresh the brain, some are to meet the needs of social scenarios, some simply like the taste of coffee rich hierarchy. In any case, coffee has become a necessity, and the sales of coffee machines, coffee pots, bean grinders and other related products are rapidly increasing.

At present, coffee new products are emerging, capsules, freeze-dried, concentrates and other technical upgrades to produce new categories to fully meet the needs of consumers of coffee, but also more and more people are interested in coffee, want to buy their own coffee machine to make coffee. Data shows that coffee machines have become one of the fastest growing categories in kitchen appliances.

As a leader in the domestic coffee machine industry, Dr. Qia has been committed to providing consumers with better quality coffee machines to meet the changing needs of consumers for coffee machines. In the future, Dr. Qia will continue to improve its technical strength, connect more application scenarios and promote the development of the industry.