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Coffee trend is hot, coffee machine or become the future standard household appliances.


Although coffee has been a beverage into the Chinese market for hundreds of years, but coffee in China really began to be widely known and accepted by the public, or in recent times these times, with instant coffee brands into the country to promote coffee, so that more and more people began to like the taste of this rich refreshing drink. At the same time, as coffee continues to go to the masses and thousands of households, many coffee lovers began to have a higher pursuit of coffee, instant coffee has been unable to meet the requirements of coffee lovers on coffee, freshly ground coffee began to become more popular types of coffee, coffee machines also came into the consumer's view, only need to buy a coffee machine can be made in a short time outside the professional cafe level of freshly ground The coffee machine can be purchased in a short time to produce a cup of freshly ground coffee of the standard of professional cafes outside, so many coffee lovers will take the coffee machine as a necessary household appliance.

There are many brands in the current coffee machine market, in addition to foreign brands, thanks to the huge demand in the domestic coffee market also allows domestic coffee machine brands to have a growing ground. Therefore, a number of excellent domestic coffee machine manufacturer brands have been born, of which Dr. Qia is a leader.

Dr. Qia was officially founded in 2016, but before the creation of the brand founder has been in the field of coffee machines for six years of in-depth exploration, so the brand was established after only two years of preparation Dr. Qia launched the first coffee machine F2, and has since continued to launch new coffee machines, to this year Dr. Qia has 13 products, with more than 100 patents, recognized by customers in more than 60 countries.

It is no exaggeration to say that Dr. Qia has now become the representative of high-quality coffee machines on the market, and it also has in-depth cooperation with many star-rated hotel chains, restaurant brands and large commercial centers, and is also loved and recognized by many consumers.