Convenience stores do not need to buy coffee machines? Differentiated services to win consumers' favor.


In the past, "convenience store" is almost the "patent" of first and second-tier cities, but with the economic growth, now in third and fourth-tier cities, chain convenience stores can be found everywhere, and even in some short video trend, "convenience store dry rice "has become the new "traffic code", the convenience store food is also more and more, in addition to the conventional Guan Dong Bo, there are buns, soy milk, cakes, udon noodles and other rich food, and coffee as one of the three major drinks, is also a convenience store should provide goods. More than instant coffee, canned coffee, people now prefer, or freshly ground coffee made with a coffee machine.

The current market economy is developing rapidly, relatively, the market competition is also extraordinarily fierce, only differentiated services can win the favor of consumers. Now, coffee has become the office workers "just need", a cup of coffee early in the morning, can help office workers refreshing, full of vitality to start a new day. Most breakfast stores only provide soy milk as a beverage, as a part of the breakfast market, convenience stores to purchase a coffee machine, you can provide consumers with black coffee, latte, cappuccino and other more diverse beverage options, so that consumers feel the differentiated services to enhance their competitiveness. Of course, for convenience stores without baristas, the acquisition of a fully automatic coffee machine that can be operated with a single button is a smart choice.

Dr. Coffee on the automatic coffee machine, using 21g metal brewer, fast pre-brewing system, double-grinding ceramic flat knife, 9 grinding coarseness adjustable, to ensure the quality and taste of each cup of coffee, for the convenience store to attract more "repeat customers".