Do all coffee machines have a bean grinding function? What should I pay attention to when choosing a coffee machine?


As the pace of life continues to accelerate, people's requirements for all kinds of electrical products inevitably more "convenience" requirements, which is also reflected in the coffee machine is particularly obvious. In the past, the pace of life was slow, and the coffee machine was not an appliance that ordinary people would buy, and most people who bought coffee machines were willing to spend time grinding beans, making milk froth, and spending a lot of time making a cup of coffee. But now, coffee has become an immediate need, and more people buy coffee machines in order to be able to drink a cup of refreshing coffee at any time, but not so much time for making coffee. Therefore, the automatic coffee machine that combines the functions of grinding beans, brewing and frothing milk has become the new favorite of the majority of office workers.

Automatic coffee machines are one of the mainstream coffee machine types at present, but there are also differences in parameters and capacities under this category that should be noted when buying. The following points should be taken into account when choosing a fully automatic coffee machine: First, the capacity of the coffee machine, if only for home use, you can choose a 2-6 cup capacity coffee machine; if the office and other business scenarios, you can choose a 6 to 12 cup capacity coffee machine. The second is the type of coffee produced by the coffee machine, for example, the office coffee machine should be selected as far as possible to provide a variety of coffee types of coffee machines to meet the diverse needs of employees. In short, when buying a coffee machine, it is best to combine their own coffee frequency, habits and tastes to make the most suitable choice for them.

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