Does a coffee machine have an effect on the taste of coffee? What coffee machine should I choose for home use?


I don't know when, coffee has become an important spice in people's lives. When tired to a cup, refreshing; leisure time to a cup, happiness overflowing; shopping time to a cup, full of vitality ...... but many people do not know much about coffee, the coffee machine is little known, do not know that the coffee machine will also have an impact on the taste of coffee, the next together to understand.

As we all know, there are two common varieties of coffee, Arabica and Robusta, two coffee flavor is different, and will produce a richer taste due to the difference in origin, espresso will generally use these two coffee beans blended and made. The taste of coffee is mainly influenced by the degree of roasting, with medium to dark roasted coffees having a heavy bitterness, while lighter roasted coffees emit more nutty and acidic flavors. The taste of coffee from different types of coffee machines also varies.

The espresso semi-automatic coffee machines commonly used in cafes need to be equipped with a separate bean grinder, the coarseness of the coffee powder, the amount and force of the filling pressure will affect the quality of the coffee extraction, the powder is too coarse to press will lead to too fast a flow of water, it is difficult to extract enough oil; while the powder is too fine to press too solid and easy to lead to too slow a flow of water, the taste of the coffee produced varies greatly, therefore, this type of coffee machine is suitable for professional baristas, home Coffee machine is recommended to buy a fully automatic coffee machine.

Dr. Coffee automatic coffee machine is easy to use, stable quality, affordable, easy to clean, even the "coffee white" who has no knowledge of coffee can make a cup of quality milk coffee, enjoy the coffee at home is comparable to the coffee produced by the coffee shop, to achieve the beautiful fantasy of coffee.