Does the capsule coffee machine really work well? Is it an IQ tax?


As coffee gradually becomes a necessity in people's lives, capsule coffee machines have gradually entered the homes of coffee lovers, becoming a representative of "exquisite life", it seems that equipped with a capsule coffee machine at home, you step into the ranks of "exquisite". But capsule coffee machine is really good? Why would anyone take a capsule coffee machine as an IQ tax?

To be sure, from the "good" level, the capsule coffee machine in a variety of coffee machines really ranked among the top. The same is the production of coffee, automatic coffee machines and semi-automatic coffee machines require a certain amount of time to warm up, semi-automatic coffee machines are a certain amount of operator requirements, but the capsule coffee machine is completely free of these needs, only two simple steps, you can drink a cup of mellow coffee, for busy office workers and students preparing for exams, capsule coffee machine operation is convenient, save time and effort, is clearly A good choice.

But the disadvantages and advantages of capsule coffee machines are equally obvious. Although the capsule coffee machine is affordable, but generally have to match the same brand or even the same series of capsules, the quality of the capsule determines the taste of coffee, if the capsule quality is not good, then all for nothing. At the same time, the cost of capsules is high, an ordinary capsule price of about 3-5 yuan, there are even more than ten dollars a capsule, if you have the habit of drinking coffee every day, then a long time to calculate, the cost of the capsule coffee machine is higher than the automatic coffee machine.

Each coffee machine has its own characteristics, there is no absolute good or bad, the most important thing is to choose a coffee machine according to your actual situation and needs, coffee machines are not in expensive, but in the right.