Does the type of coffee machine have an effect on the taste of coffee? Which coffee maker works better?


Coffee has now become a common beverage, especially among young people. More and more consumers like to drink coffee, but also gradually understand that coffee is not only "bitter" taste. Most ordinary people can drink coffee in the bitter, aromatic and slightly sour, more professional people can also taste the coffee in the fruit or floral aroma, it is this rich taste let people fall in love with coffee. The depth of the coffee bean roast, the coarseness of the coffee powder, and the speed of the coffee machine will all affect the taste of the coffee.

Generally speaking, the mainstream coffee machines on the market are divided into two types of semi-automatic coffee machines and automatic coffee machines. Semi-automatic coffee machines are commonly found in coffee shops - the barista can always grind the right coarseness of coffee powder, grasp the strength of the powder, adjust the speed of the water flow, and then use the most appropriate temperature and angle to make a delicate milk froth and pull a beautiful pull. But, this is too difficult for the average person. Ordinary people with a semi-automatic coffee machine to make coffee, may be too solid because of the powder pressure resulting in drip filter too slow; may also be too light because of the pressure of powder resulting in water flow speed too fast coffee lack of oil ...... In short, semi-automatic coffee machine is more suitable for professionals.

A fully automatic coffee maker can automatically grind the powder and make coffee according to a set program. Apart from selecting the coffee category and clicking the make button, the user hardly has to do anything else. The coffee made by the automatic coffee machine has a stable quality and mellow taste, which is perfect for coffee novices.

Dr. Qia automatic coffee machine adopts ceramic flat grinding knife, the powder is even, the coffee is rich and sufficient, the coffee taste is smooth, just click the button to enjoy the master coffee, the automatic quick rinsing system adds a lot of convenience for users, suitable for various occasions. A Dr. Coffee machine, so you can enjoy high-quality coffee at any time.