Domestic coffee machines do not lose foreign brands, Dr. Qia coffee machines are sold overseas.


Coffee has become a household drink in China, the origin of coffee is not China, so the coffee brands and coffee machines currently sold on the market are more foreign brands, but China has a huge coffee market, with the increasing acceptance of coffee at the public level, there are also a lot of excellent Chinese brands. For example, the brand Dr. Qia, which specializes in developing coffee machines.

Dr. Qia is a brand born in 2016 in Suzhou, China, and its founder has been studying in the industry for six years before officially creating the brand, so he has a wealth of knowledge about coffee machines. Dr. Qia launched his first coffee machine f2 in 2018, and then launched three coffee machines in 2019, and continued to innovate and research in technology, and launched eight new products in one breath in 2020.

Now Dr. Qia's coffee machine in addition to in-depth cooperation with domestic star hotel chain restaurant brands, but also by virtue of its excellent quality and excellent design by foreign customers, now Dr. Qia's coffee machine has been exported to more than 60 countries around the world, in this year 2021 to achieve the domestic market shipments of 15,000, overseas shipments even reached 45,000 units of excellent results. It is sufficient to prove that Dr. Qia's coffee machine is recognized by many users.

Dr. Qia's coffee machine can achieve the current results and its own continuous research in technology research and development spirit inseparable, Dr. Qia's high-quality products is the foundation of the brand, so Dr. Qia will invest considerable resources in technology research and development every year. To date, Dr. Qia has more than 100 patents, with the patents in hand can develop world-class quality coffee machines.