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Dr. Coffee: A comprehensive after-sales guarantee for coffee machines for offices.


The coffee aroma lingers and creates an elegant mood. Initially, people kept an attitude of enjoyment towards coffee, enjoying the aroma of coffee and the quiet atmosphere of the cafe. But with the development of the economy, coffee has become an extremely common drink in people's lives, white-collar workers are used to using coffee to dispel afternoon fatigue, which also makes many companies are equipped with an office coffee machine to meet the needs of employees.

Coffee is different from other beverages, the slightest difference in the production process can cause a change in the taste of coffee, so the selection of a coffee machine is crucial. The first is the type of coffee machine, the office coffee machine needs both taste and efficiency, so most companies will choose to produce a stable quality, highly efficient automatic coffee machine; second, to take into account the cost of the coffee machine. Companies often do not provide too much money for the purchase of coffee machines, so you have to choose a cost-effective coffee machine to ensure the quality of production and reduce cost consumption; the last is a problem that many people will ignore, which is the after-sales service of coffee machines. Whether it is a fully automatic coffee machine or a semi-automatic coffee machine, it requires regular maintenance and debugging, if you choose a brand with imperfect after-sales service and no guarantee of quality, then you will encounter a lot of trouble in the follow-up maintenance of the coffee machine, it is best to choose a more famous and better reputation of the coffee machine brand.

Dr. Qia has established a perfect parts code traceability system, and will also provide customers with a 7 * 24-hour customer service hotline, any problems with the coffee machine or any use of the problem can call the customer service hotline for consultation to ensure that the first time to help customers solve the problem. Choose the coffee machine for the office, Dr. Coffee is right.