Dr. Coffee: Technology is the core competitiveness of our coffee machine.


Dr. Qia is currently a well-known brand in China's domestic coffee machine market, as a brand established in 2016, Dr. Qia is how to become a hot "favorite" in the market in just a few years? This contains many elements of course. As we all know, coffee is not a local drink in China, but from abroad, so since ancient times used to drink tea, Chinese people have a long acceptance process for coffee drinks, which caused the market well-known coffee and coffee machines are foreign brands to occupy a large market share.

Especially coffee machines, once more than 90% of China's coffee machine market share belong to foreign brands, while imported coffee machine brands have far more expensive prices than domestic coffee machines. It was in this situation that the founder of Dr. Qia decided to create a domestic coffee machine brand. The founder already had many years of experience in the field of coffee machine manufacturing when he established Dr. Qia, so Dr. Qia can't exactly be called a young brand.

For the current situation on the coffee machine market, Dr. Qia has also done enough research to get recognition for Dr. Qia's coffee machine quality is the most important, and in the field of automatic coffee machine manufacturing, technology is the core competitiveness. Dr. Cai this side of the strict control of production standards, in order to ensure the quality control of the machine Dr. Cai from the mold began to self-imposed requirements of high standards; followed by continuous investment in technology for research and development, from the material to the shape of every fine, now Dr. Cai has a number of patents in hand.

In this way, within a few years, Dr. Qia to excellent quality and only half the price of imported coffee machine brands to launch a pure domestic coffee machine, and continue to occupy the domestic coffee machine market, and even exported overseas to achieve overseas shipments far exceeded the domestic shipments, recognized by global users and consumers.