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There has been a significant increase in people's consumption demand for coffee with the rapid development of China's coffee industry. The coffee-centric industry chain continues to expand, resulting in the gradual expansion of consumption scenarios across various industries such as catering, convenience stores, hotels, and airports. As a result, a substantial market growth opportunity has been created for commercial coffee machines, which can deliver high-quality coffee without relying on specialized baristas.

Based on the requirements of different application scenarios, fully automatic coffee machines can be broadly classified into two categories: home use and commercial use. While the adoption and usage of fully automatic coffee machines in China are on the rise, the prices tend to remain consistently high compared to their home-use counterparts, often exceeding tens of thousands of yuan. In fact, the requirements of a commercial coffee machine, spanning from grinding and brewing to technology integration like the Internet of Things (IoT), differ from those of a home coffee machine. As such, the question arises: how does a commercial coffee machine truly embody its commercial value?

The ability to maintain consistent and premier-quality production of coffee, along with high efficiency, becomes particularly crucial for commercial coffee machines amidst the peak hours of customer traffic in stores. Hence, fully automatic commercial coffee machines typically employ rotary pumps, ensuring a consistent and stable pump pressure, albeit at a higher cost compared to the commonly used vibration pumps in fully automatic machines for home use. In contrast, coffee machines for home use are unable to provide a continuous supply.

Commercial coffee machines are subjected to higher and more intricate coffee service requirements. In the era of the "Internet of Everything”, the burgeoning market demand has led to the emergence of smart commercial coffee machines that utilize innovative technologies like IoT, helping businesses achieve enhanced operational efficiency in their stores on account of digitalization and diverse functions. With a range of convenient payment options, customers can utilize self-service to place orders and attain convenient and premium coffee consumption options. Additionally, the smart back-end management system allows store owners to check various data, including orders, and modify product formulas, thereby empowering store marketing.

Dr. Coffee coffee machines have not only gained popularity in China but also garnered a significant presence in numerous foreign markets. Their consistent, efficient, and reliable speed and quality in coffee production, coupled with a wide variety of coffee flavors and beverage options and smart functions, have made them a favorite among countless consumers.