Drip coffee, automatic coffee machine, who is the king of coffee machines for the office? What are the advantages and disadvantages of each?


I believe that every TVB drama viewers growing up, have a dream of a fashionable urban beauty. 90s, Hong Kong's urban drama is synonymous with fashion, avant-garde, drama urban elite whether in the pantry chat, or in the gridiron struggle, always have a cup of coffee in hand. Nowadays, the office coffee machine has been popularized, and the TV children of that time can finally enjoy the fashion OL treatment in Hong Kong dramas. But many people have a doubt in their minds, drip coffee, automatic coffee machine, who is the king of the office with the coffee machine?

Drip coffee machine

In Hong Kong dramas and American dramas, we can often see office workers in the pantry in the drip filter pot to make coffee, but in reality, the drip filter coffee machine is really suitable for use in the office scene? The answer is no.

The drip filter coffee machine can only produce American-style coffee, and the coffee quality is general, plus the body is small, although simple to operate, but can not make coffee in large quantities, if not finished within thirty minutes, the coffee will become acidic and bitter.

Fully automatic coffee machine

Automatic coffee machine is also a kind of office coffee machine that often appears in Hong Kong dramas.

Fully automatic coffee machines produce high quality and stable coffee with a rich taste and a wide variety of varieties to meet the different tastes of employees. At the same time, the automatic coffee machine continuous production capacity, easy to operate, can realize a key operation, very suitable for the office environment.

With the development of technology, the iteration of the office coffee machine is getting faster and faster, the function is getting stronger and stronger, and the competition in the market is getting fiercer and fiercer. With perfect after-sales service, excellent service and high quality products, Dr. Coffee has gained a firm foothold, and its automatic coffee machines are loved by consumers, and will continue to work hard to present more high quality coffee machines to consumers.