Every netflix store has a coffee machine? Deciphering the "success code" behind the netflix stores.


In recent years, the domestic "Netflix" stores are popping up all over the place, in the small red book, Jitterbug and other platforms with a search, you can search full of netflix store card strategy, and as long as careful observation will find that almost every "netflix store", are inseparable from the coffee machine.

Ins style decoration, extremely busy or minimalist style tableware, flamingo color, plus a variety of strange and quirky drinks on the menu, this is the composition of most net stores. In the drink menu, coffee of all colors is an essential presence. It seems that without the coffee, the net stores are less fresh, free and lazy petty style. Under the aroma of coffee, the original petty atmosphere of only 5 points has become 8 points, ordering, taking photos, P pictures, and posting on social media platforms, and the card of the net red store is completed. No one will order a cup of instant coffee in a netflix store, so the coffee machine has become the standard configuration of the netflix store.

In the semi-automatic coffee machine, fully automatic coffee machine and capsule coffee machine, most netflix store owners will choose a fully automatic coffee machine for two reasons: first, the high threshold of semi-automatic coffee machine operation, the purchase of a fully automatic coffee machine to hire an additional professional barista, increasing a large amount of expenditure, fully automatic coffee machine does not have such a problem; second, the capsule coffee machine produces a single type of coffee, while the fully automatic coffee machine can Provide consumers with more choices.

Dr. Coffee as a well-known domestic coffee machine brand, always deep plowing coffee machine, commercial coffee machine, home coffee machine, office supplies coffee machine have in-depth research, the three series by the major shopping malls, offices, hotels and chain restaurant brands, has also become the first choice of many net stores.