Focus on the quality of coffee machines, Dr. Qia to innovation to cast intelligent manufacturing.


The market consumption upgrade has prompted people to have a higher quality demand for coffee, and domestic coffee machine brands have therefore ushered in new opportunities. Many domestic brands have stepped on the international "stage" and entered the global market, in which Dr. Qia, a practitioner in the field of commercial coffee machines, has been dedicated to exploring the field of quality coffee machines since its establishment in 2016, and has provided domestic and foreign customers with high-quality coffee system solutions.

So, what are the innovations of Dr. Qia's coffee machine? First of all, the technical level of innovation, Dr. Qia coffee machine are using independent research and development of innovative brewing system and milk froth system, in the production of espresso and American-style these two aspects more advantageous, at the same time, Dr. Qia coffee machine equipped with a grinding knife in the grinding of coffee beans will not take away the heat and flavor of coffee beans, as much as possible to maintain the mellow coffee. In addition, the automatic cleaning procedure of Dr. Qia coffee machine is efficient and convenient, and it can also support IOT coffee machine management, which can remotely control the coffee machine.

Secondly, Dr. Qia coffee machine also has innovation in the product line, in order to adapt to different consumption scenarios, Dr. Qia coffee machine subdivides the scene areas and introduces different series of new products, which are applied in the chain business mode, hotel catering mode, business office area and household area, for example, there are household series coffee machine, commercial series coffee machine and office series coffee machine. At present, Dr. Qia's coffee machine has become the largest partner in the domestic chain business sector, with 15,000 units shipped in the domestic market and 45,000 units shipped overseas in 2021.

In the future, Dr. Qia will further understand the coffee demands of contemporary consumer groups, use innovative technology to cast high-end quality coffee machines, and attack towards the "most popular" domestic coffee machine brand.