High-quality coffee machine recommendations, to create a sophisticated "coffee corner".


In the eyes of many people, coffee and "petty" "elite" "refreshment" and other words associated with the increasing acceptance of coffee, China's coffee market size in 2020 With the growing acceptance of coffee in China, the size of the Chinese coffee market reached 300 billion yuan in 2020, and some data predict that the size of the Chinese coffee market will reach 1 trillion yuan in 2025, so it seems that it can be called the "blue ocean" economy. At the same time, the coffee machine market is also growing, especially the home coffee machine, get a lot of coffee lovers love, but, on the market so many brands and types of coffee machines, how to choose a high-quality coffee machine?

For many coffee lovers, there is a coffee machine at home, you can make a cup of mellow coffee anytime and anywhere, enjoy their coffee time, and even some coffee machines produce coffee that does not lose the coffee in boutique cafes. There are three main types of coffee machines on the market, namely capsule coffee machines, semi-automatic coffee machines, automatic coffee machines, if it is a home coffee machine, or to choose a fully automatic coffee machine, because more intelligent and convenient.

For example, Dr. Qia coffee machine is a good choice, and Dr. Qia's Minibar automatic coffee machine is comparable to having a "barista" at home, this coffee machine has excellent production and personalized settings, equipped with an innovative brewing system, accurate and stable grinding system, efficient and convenient self-cleaning system, as well as high-tech Intelligent Internet of things system.

Dr. Qia is a model enterprise of domestic coffee machine, which can be seen in the chain business mode, hotel catering mode, business office field and household field.