How should I choose a home coffee machine? 3 small points to teach you not to step on the mine.


For the pursuit of quality of life for young people, the coffee machine has gradually become the home kitchen "standard" one, every day before breakfast a cup of rich American coffee, not only to refresh the brain, to start an efficient day, but also to get rid of edema, to cope with a new day of heavy work. But although many consumers have a heart to buy a coffee machine, but do not know how to choose a home coffee machine, here is a compilation of a few small points for you to buy a home coffee machine, to ensure that you do not step on the mine.

1, what type of coffee machine to choose?

When it comes to coffee machines, many people think of those manual coffee machines in coffee shops. But this type of coffee machine in the hands of professionals and non-professionals will show a completely different state, the output of coffee quality is very unstable. For home use environment, fully automatic coffee machines are a better choice.

2. Is it easy to clean and maintain?

Cafes have baristas, they have a professional approach to the maintenance of coffee machines, but ordinary people generally do not have the knowledge, so when choosing a coffee machine, it is best to choose a fully automatic coffee machine that can be cleaned automatically and does not require too much maintenance.

3, choose the right brand

A good coffee machine also requires regular inspection and maintenance, so now there are more and more consumers choose to buy domestic coffee machines. Take Dr. Qia as an example, Dr. Qia all customer-centric, the establishment of a comprehensive parts code traceability system and 7 * 24-hour service hotline, consumers can consult at any time through the service hotline, access to reasonable advice and technical support, after-sales guarantee. Compared to some big international brands that are expensive and difficult to get after-sales protection, the best domestic brands have gradually gained consumers' favor.

In summary, home coffee machines should choose a good cleaning, easy maintenance of automatic coffee machines, to add a few flavor to life.