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How should the coffee machine for office use be cleaned and maintained? How to select one?


At present, many companies are equipped with coffee machines in the pantry, and there are many tutorials on the Internet for selecting coffee machines for offices, but not much is mentioned about how to care for and maintain the coffee machines. So how should the office with the coffee machine maintenance maintenance it?

1, regular cleaning of scale. Coffee machine in the use of a period of time, the machine will produce scale, if not clean up the scale for a long time may cause the slow flow of coffee, pipe clogging and so on, especially in the office with frequent use of coffee machines, more prone to scale problems, must be cleaned up on time.

2, clean up every day. The coffee machine is in a long-term high temperature, humid state, when the power is off at night, it is easy to breed bacteria. Therefore, before leaving the office every day, the coffee machine should be cleaned, different models of coffee machines have different cleaning methods.

3, regular inspection. Office coffee machines due to the high frequency of use, the speed of parts wear is also higher than the home coffee machine, especially the need to check the maintenance from time to time, so as not to suddenly break down during the trial period.

As long as the maintenance work is done, the coffee machine will always maintain a better working condition and give the user a good coffee experience. In order to facilitate the maintenance and repair of the coffee machine, it is best to choose a brand with a good reputation when selecting a coffee machine in order to obtain service guarantees.

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